Pain and QoL in older adults with and without dementia was published in Pain Management Nursing

基礎修練生としてベルゲン大学に留学していた我妻くんと山口くんの論文が、Pain Management Nursing誌に掲載されました。



We revealed that physical pain was associated with Qol in older adults with and without dementia. This is the first paper from undergraduate students (Shunta and Taizo). It is also an international collaborating study with Bergen University, Norway.

Congratulations, Shunta and Taizo!!

Wagatsuma, S., Yamaguchi, T., Berge, L., Husebo, B., Habiger, T., Nouchi, R., Angeles, R. How, Why and Where it Hurts—Breaking Down Pain Syndrome Among Nursing Home Patients With Dementia: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the COSMOS Trial. Pain Management Nursing, in press.


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