The prediction of brain training paper was published in Brain Sciences.

事前にNIRSによって計測した脳トレ中の脳活動から脳トレ介入の効果を予測できることを示した研究がBrain Sciences誌に掲載されました。


We found that brain activities at the DLPFC during playing brain training game can predict benefits of brain training intervention. In this study, we measured brain activities by 2 channel NIRS system.

Nouchi R, Kawata Y N, Saito T, Himmelmeier M R, Nakamura R, Nouchi H, Kawashima R. (2020). Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Activity during a Brain Training Game Predicts Cognitive Improvements after Four Weeks’ Brain Training Game Intervention: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial, Brain Sciences, 10, 560.


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