An acute effect of exercise paper was published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience

サーキット運動を30分間するだけで、抑制機能と活力を即時的に向上させることを示した研究がFrontiers in Aging Neuroscience誌に掲載されました。


We revealed that a 30 mins’ single bout of exercise improved inhibition and vigor immediately. This is the first evidence of the acute benefits of combination exercise on cognition and mood in the healthy middle-aged and older adults.

Nouchi R, Nouchi H and Kawashima R (2020) A Single 30 Minutes Bout of Combination Physical Exercises Improved Inhibition and Vigor-Mood in Middle-Aged and Older Females: Evidence From a Randomized Controlled Trial. Front. Aging Neurosci. 12:179.


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